dcr4_script_page_1520120219, ~0400

First break in my schedule in awhile, and that at the expense of moving a goodly amount of documentation and paperwork from “today” (it’s 4am Sunday but it’s still my Saturday) to Sunday (read “Sunday afternoon/evening”). I’ve been extraordinarily busy and that shows no sign of letting up any time soon. If anything, things are going to get even more nuts before they start evening out.

I did have a bit of flexible time a couple of weeks ago, and I used that to get this environment modeled. Since then I’ve rendered ahead – point of fact, the 3d software is chugging away on a panel of page 20. All of the prep work for 4.16 through 4.19 is done – chiseled out a piece at a time here and there, all ready for line art. Which, if today’s production run is anything to go by, is going to be a bit of a timesink.

Maybe not. I’ve been fighting through a serious bout of fatigue the past few days – the kind of fatigue that turns minutes into hours, days into weeks. I got a lot of the immediate really important work stuff out of the way before that hit, fortunately. Doesn’t make it suck any less – point of fact it’s got me thinking about mom’s quip over Christmas that I “might be diabetic.” It would certainly put my bitching about blood sugar on IRC, my blog and in ATC metadata throughout the mid aughts into context. I brought that more or less in line by shifting to a fairly boring diet but that took a hit this week and seems to have sent things tumbling.


I pulled Mike’s color palette from a support file created in 2004. Longtime readers should recognize the freighter command tower from June of 2003. The Aeon first appeared as a silhouette in July of 2006. While the previous page is a big blast of plot history (and foreshadowing), this page draws together some pretty serious chunks of production history.

It’s also – at this point – not even finished yet. I still need to draw the contents of Lang’s pad and get that socketed in, then I can stick a fork in it.

20120220, 1959

No work since previous metadata entry. Still need to draw Lang’s pad. And I will, at some point this week!

20120221, 0408

Finished all other processing on 4.16. I now have two otherwise completely complete pages waiting for an art asset. I may create it the next chance I get, I may just draw 4.17. We’ll see. My workload is back around to getting a whole ton of Not This done over the next few days. What I feel like working on the next time I have time to spend on ATC completely depends on where my head is at.

20120223, 2247

Pad contents added.

20120229, 0233 – Blowing the dust off. Final once-over before I stick a fork in it.

Super duper foreshadowing: The distance covered by a relativistic gate jump depends on the power level. To make the math simple, 100% power, 100 light years, 100 “real” years. 99% power, 99 light years, 99 “real” years. That means it’s possible to enter a gate after someone else and arrive in the relative future before that person.


  • A renowned psychometrist with years of experience working for the court system, Judas Lang was been contracted by Heirotus founder Brandon James to perform a “read” of the stellar artifact known as MBO-2. Some...

  • The previous incarnation of Jason Whitehouse, and a contemporary of Brandon James and Michael Yang around the time of the MBO-1 incident. A potent psychic and self-proclaimed “conditional past-life regressor,” Aleph used her unique...

  • An exceptionally talented navigator and the father of John West. The most talented navigator on the Heirotus payroll until he left the company in 1968, Michael was one of the first genetic contributors to...

Glossary Articles

  • Aeon

    Known to modern humans as Morgan Bay Observatory Unknown Object 1 (MBO-1), the Aeon is an autonomous starship, tens of thousands of years old and apparently of human origin. The ship was briefly boarded...

  • Epiphany

    A Pecora class star freighter used for early Heirotus BTS tests. Presumed destroyed during a premature BTS discharge event in January 1968, though no wreckage was recovered. Status upgraded to “missing” after captain and...