August 10, 2009 – much, much later than the previous entries for interstitial. 1930, in point of fact. I took a couple of different approaches on this one – first, checking out panel two with an eye towards raising the roof, then an investigation of panel one followed by a time-consuming replacement render that wound up being way off the mark – I under-rendered for once. Probably a good thing, given the amount of photoshop that a success would have required. After that I mucked around for a bit before arriving at the present layout. It’s a compromise, but it gets the job done.

Still need to fix Alias’s right hand in panel four, but It’ll be, like, MONTHS before this page hits the top of the “go” pile. I can slack on it for the time being.

Of course, the next thing I did after writing the above paragraph was fix the hand. It’s not a total fix, but it’s proportional to his left, so that’s an improvement. I figure the more of these I get to an Orange or Red state before all of the PC parts arrive, the faster production is going to go once things get rolling again.

For the record, Orange and Red are Finder (OS X) metadata colors. I’ve been using them and some of the others like so:

No Color – Means I haven’t gotten to it yet.

Red – Page has been or is in the process of being transferred from first to second edition. Can mean it’s either in progress (needs panels, additional work), or is visually complete but needs dialogue.

Orange – Page is done (has corrections and dialogue, or if there’s no dialogue, just corrections); needs a once-over before it’s processed to Blue.

Green – Blue didn’t take. A second edition page that’s been completed and later corrected. This almost always means the dialogue has changed in some fashion. Used primarily to help keep offline storage and the web site synced.

Blue – Second edition page that’s been completed and is ready for web upload. Has dialogue, has .tif and .jpg files. Blue means it’s Done and will hopefully stay that way.

Gray – First Edition page directory that’s been completed for the second edition, applied on a chapter by chapter basis and cleared once a chapter has been finished. Gray means there’s nothing left to do for the page – it’s also a handy wayfinder in situations like Chapter Four, in which the page numbering gets a bit different.

20091010.20:27 (4) – Lettered. All first edition pages are now second edition. Ten new pages remaining. This is a big, BIG milestone! :D


  • Addicaine N-6 Alias Aza’hel is far and above the most powerful telekinetic talent of the N series, and is to date the only “Chosen” to be successfully sequenced by the Addicaine Program. Deeply intuitive,...

  • The ranking officer aboard HX-47 Sabrosa, Grij is the supervisor and final authority for all paramilitary field operations and training in which the vessel is assigned. The former Director of Applied Psionics Research for...

Glossary Articles

  • Bethlehem Medical Centre

    Bethlehem Medical Centre (BMC) is a hospital and detention facility located in the first parallel universe attached to Earth (aka “Earth 2.0”). Were it in this universe, the building would be a short drive...