Mmm. Splattery goodness.

This was originally going to be a big render of the Sabrosa popping out of am, but upon further consideration I decided that the best thing to do would be to obfuscate the hell out of that and go for an aesthetic match-up with the next page. This had the merits of being both easier to produce (no hassling with renders!) and much easier to fit into visual continuity – the moon is the same render as the background of an upcoming splash page, and the BLAM! is at roughly the same place that the Sabrosa is in that scene.

Mmmm. Consistency.

Intro wrap: the grind of the Second Edition begins with the batch upload of the first scene of Signal later this week.

Glossary Articles

  • GSV-368.3.1 (The Moon)

    Not listed on the “official” Templar charts acquired by Heirotus intelligence, the orbital plot of GSV-368.3.1 is known only to authorized Templar personnel. The charting omission is a deliberate defensive precaution – the idea...