With this page I finally found the “kicked in the balls” line for my recent ram upgrade. Huge-like-xbox layer groups, lots of scaling… eating enough memory to make the swap drive grunt like a congested heifer. All that to preserve type editing ability.

That’s the thing that’s hung me up on this scene, actually – not just the rewrite (which as of composing this info blurb – April 12 – I haven’t gotten to yet), but also pruning out lyrics and whatnot. “Crazy” used to come easily. It still does, mind you – but it’s no longer the Amazing Technicolor Angst that informed the Thad/Val arc.

So not knowing what I’m going to be changing it to yet, I’ve been preserving everything for editing. Once the reformatting work (what I’m writing about now) is done, I’ll be doing the rewrite pass…. and man, I’m not looking forward to that. It’s not that I’m not looking forward to getting it done, mind you – it’s that I’m currently going on a couple of weeks without Going Out. I write Out, not In – so I’m either going to have to figure out how to jump that hurdle, or spend hardware money plowing through rewriters block.

Not that it should take very long, mind you. It’s a one-character internal monologue – and not even a coherent one.


  • A traumatic Awakening in the summer of 1997 was just the beginning of Thad’s emotional problems. The disappearance of most of his Pittsburgh friends a few weeks later compounded his issues and, while he...