20091124 ~1430 (1) – Lettered this… uh… yesterday? I think? Still have to do linework, shading, tails, etc. That’s been scheduled as Sunday’s Project, which slipped to Monday thanks to a hangover, which then slipped to Tuesday thanks to other business.

20091124 2246 (1) – This page breaks two of the three big timesaving Don’ts I decided on at the outset of production. While it’s never been a hard, canonical list, it’s more or less as follows:

1. No fingernails. I’ll draw them (obviously), but no separate coloration for nails. Saves time in little bitty ways, but it adds up over time. Yang actually has nail-colored-nails in panel three. It’s not terribly obvious but they are there.

2. No lips. While I still haven’t broken this one technically – they’re shaded, not drawn – Yang’s showing a lot more lip detail than any previously produced page.

3. No nostrils. Call it a style thing, but I’m militantly not breaking that one. It opens up a whole world of expression that I’ll spend years perfecting.

Also, under-the-jaw shot. There’s couple of really bad instances of this in chapters Seven and Eight, and shots like this are ultimately why I put in the time to create a more detailed, accurate biped. While still far from perfect, I wouldn’t have even dreamed of doing this shot Back In The Day.

20091125 1934 (1) – Last-minute adjustment to Alias’s “status bar” – see previous page for explanation.


  • The astral manifestation of the starship Aeon‘s organic components. Michael Yang perceives the ship’s avatar in the form of a dog (species unknown, possibly a wolf or the equivalent of a German shepherd, with...

  • A higher being with immense telekinetic and gravimetric abilities – powers and talents which are slowly manifesting in his physical incarnation, the Addicaine Alias Aza’hel. Seems to have a thing for Dyluck.

  • A being with a talent for astral projection, possessing some form of teleportation ability. Dyluck incarnated as Thaddeus Gallahad and remained in a dormant state until Awoken in 1997. Thad’s cognitive dissonance forced her...

  • An Army special forces verteran, Yang served as the Chief of Heirotus Corporate Security from shortly before the time of the first MBO-1 Encounter until his near-death in January, 1968. Some time after that...

Glossary Articles

  • Aeon

    Known to modern humans as Morgan Bay Observatory Unknown Object 1 (MBO-1), the Aeon is an autonomous starship, tens of thousands of years old and apparently of human origin. The ship was briefly boarded...

  • The Goldfish Nebula

    AKA the KLH Stellar Nursery. Noteworthy from the vantage point of KLH-149723, as the vast majority of known Human-occupied space is behind it.

  • KLH-149723

    Well outside of ICG-charted space, the composition of the gas giant orbiting KLH-149723 enables the Aeon to conduct a highly-amplified HRV sweep of star systems on the other side of the Goldfish Nebula. The...