Perspective is hard. Like, really, really hard. Fortunately, this is the last page of weird/difficult angles for the foreseeable future.

The scar from the injury Ornix is referring to can be glimpsed in The Dualist.

The Jennings may not be a tremendously accurate weapon, but it’s a wee little gun that’s easily concealed. Which means it’s easy to miss. Combine that fact with Ornix & Thad’s questionable firearms skills, and it should be easy to fill in the rest of the story for yourself.

Four pages left for this environment. 1.75 of those are rendered (more like 0.9, as I’m now rendering fixes on a funky bump map), and all of them should hopefully be done and up by this time next week.

In other news, I’m currently running one of those little Project Wonderful ads on Three Panel Soul. Since that went up the site has gotten a couple of hundred additional hits and I’ve gotten a proportionate increase in email spam. I’d like to think that’s a coincidence – I dunno how long the ad will run, but if you came here from there, welcome!

Regarding the previous version of the page:

05:17 <xeno> uh.
05:17 <xeno> i’m the very fucking last person to say *anything* about art and skillz*
05:17 <xeno> but goddamn panel 2 is ugly.
05:18 <xeno> is that an arm or His Noodly Appendage?
05:27 <xeno> hmm, maybe it’s my eyes
05:27 <solios> panel 2 failed.
05:27 <solios> so did panels 3 and 4.
05:27 <xeno> :D
05:27 <solios> but the page is better than the last glowey page, so.
05:28 <solios> yeah, a shitload of Really Hard Angles. :P
05:28 <xeno> nah, 3 is decent
05:28 <xeno> ornix is too thin there though
05:29 <xeno> like at the end of Red Sonya when the credits start to roll and they forgot to comp for the widescreen so suddenly everything is stretched
05:29 <xeno> ..
05:29 <xeno> and what’s that behind him
05:29 <solios> o_o
05:29 <xeno> you’re probably going to say raven, and i’m going to tell you to stfu gtfo and gbtw
05:29 <solios> like I said.
05:29 <xeno> hahahaha
05:29 <solios> thank gid that’s the last of the Bad Fucking Angles.
05:30 <xeno> I R ART KRITIK
05:32 <xeno> eriuasjsd
05:32 <xeno> yeah, panel 2.
05:32 <xeno> i just realized that’s *also* raven
05:32 <solios> eh. I know when I’ve got a bad page. :P
05:32 <xeno> and not a mashed potato sculpture
05:33 <solios> yeah, uh. already with the hate.
05:33 <solios> you’re not helping.
05:33 <xeno> no really, i didn’t even notice her there to be honest.
05:33 <xeno> first thing i thought was something wrong with the arm, but it’s not that bad
05:33 <xeno> and the rest is fine
05:33 <xeno> 4 is great with the focus thing
05:33 <solios> it’s only great because it blurs all the bad.
05:33 <solios> also.
05:33 <xeno> i think the problem i had with 3 re: raven is she looked too… pretty.
05:34 <solios> it puts ornix’s panel 4 eyes even with his panel 2 crotch.
05:34 <xeno> thought it was shannon at first and was going o_O
05:34 <xeno> :D
05:34 <solios> :D
05:34 <xeno> hey man, just think what it would look like if i had made it.
05:34 * xeno should do a guest page
05:35 <xeno> it’d be like pipingrad, only beer.
05:36 <solios> beer++
05:42 <xeno> so today’s lessons: you’re not that great with angle shots, and i don’t notice your art unless it’s not as good as usual
05:43 <solios> I think I’ll take that as a complement.

That’s why xeno’s my editor. Few people are this blunt with me.

* Historically, if he really doesn’t like something, he’s disturbingly Silent on the subject.


  • A traumatic Awakening in the summer of 1997 was just the beginning of Thad’s emotional problems. The disappearance of most of his Pittsburgh friends a few weeks later compounded his issues and, while he...

  • Ornix doesn’t let trivial things like ethics and morality get in the way of his loyalties or sense of reality. A longtime friend of Thad and a fellow “victim” of the Templar Waking God...

  • A South Jersey punk with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a Templar-forged Master’s degree for field work, Raven posed as a high school guidance councillor during the early stages of the Waking God...

Glossary Articles

  • Compartment A5

    Aboard the Daedalus, compartment A5 is the Cargo Transfer Lock – the intersection between the cargo bay and the pressurized top deck of the ship. It also provides direct access to the reactor and...