20080708 – Fairly non-minor cleanup.


All glory to the science. And the boobs.

In truth, I did some (shallow) reading on aircraft control surfaces, missile control surfaces (some neat stuff there), and related subjects while adjusting dialogue for this page.

Technically, I’m sticking with the “super duper gyroscope combined with super duper RCS” theory. Let’s face it – the idea that a ship that looks like a cross between an F-117 and a brick can maneuver in atmosphere with current technology? Pure fancy. And the ship is orders of magnitude too small for a physics-bending engine like the one in the Sabrosa.*

Not that the ship does much in the way of steering in atmosphere – the thing’s designed for maximum maneuverability in a vacuum, in which traditional aircraft control surfaces would be useless.

* Don’t get me going on fictional drive systems, theoretical or otherwise. The thing hangs in the air the same way bricks don’t thanks to a hugeass blackbox that’s probably the mass manipulation equivalent of a Lazy Gun, which has nothing to do with how the Sabrosa traverses interstellar distances. Though the Brick Don’ter and the BTS do use the same power system.

Mastering notes, 2016.12.07 – Rewrote Ornix’s dialogue in panel eight.


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Glossary Articles

  • Compartment A5

    Aboard the Daedalus, compartment A5 is the Cargo Transfer Lock – the intersection between the cargo bay and the pressurized top deck of the ship. It also provides direct access to the reactor and...