Among the Chosen story page SIX HUNDRED! A page that is just as important to the overplot as page 500 was – maybe a little bit more important, as it’s part of a scene that’s relevant to all three books and Observer Effect, whereas that particular page of Jason’s flashback is more important to Dead City Radio than the other books.

Thorough readers likely have some idea as to what’s going to happen on the next page. It’s the fourth and final page of the spread, and it’s a fairly important page – important to the scene, the chapter, the installment, and to the story as a whole. I’ll save my wordiness for that page – my wordiness, and the full spread with gutters.

Normally I’d have a lot more to say, especially about the weather (on the page, not the usual Pittsburgh barometric hijinks) – unfortunately I’m behind schedule on a work thing I’m in the middle of hauling ass on. Fortunately this page was done in advance, the next page was done in advance, and the two pages after that have been rendered, so this weekend and the next day or two being shot isn’t that big of a deal. It is for me, of course – but not for the comic!