Dead City Radio #1A

Finally, an ATC thing you can buy!

DCR 1a Front CoverDid you miss your chance to own this Ceremony-themed special edition at the Ceremony Reunion? Are you one of the many people who don’t know the author personally or who don’t follow ATC on Facebook or Twitter? Have you been holding on buying until the author gets his [word] together?

You did? You are? You have? Well, click the BUY button at the bottom of the page and all your problems are solved.

Okay not all of them. But ten bucks and a paypal account or a credit card will solve the [word] out of you not having a copy of Dead City Radio #1A.


  • This is a 40 page greyscale comic. Contents include Observer Effect, Whitehouse, and two pages of “filler” strips from the strip run of the comic. These strips are in the DCRSA but are not on the ATC website and as of 2014.11 are not planned for inclusion in any future publication.
  • The comic cover price is $5. The unit price is $10, which includes two totally awesome high quality ATC stickers and shipping to anywhere on earth in a reasonably rugged mailer. The comic is also bagged and boarded for extra protection and/or shinyness.
  • For an extra $5 I’ll throw in a quick pencil-and-ink doodle on bristol. And I do mean quick.*
  • If you’d like to commission me, that’s a separate thing entirely and that process can be started via email.
  • The cover is based on Club Laga circa 1997 and reflects the Ceremony scene of Dead City Radio.
  • Allow 2-6 weeks for delivery. Actual delivery time will probably be more like 1-2 weeks.
  • The print run was backed by Slava, so please consider buying his book.

It’s worth noting that this is a limited edition. While I did produce it via Ka-Blam and could easily put it up for print on demand sale this is a special comic that was produced for a special event and now you have a special chance to own a copy! Supplies are limited, so order now!

* You'll need to contact me after ordering; if you don't I'll try to get ahold of you; if contact can not be made within a couple of days then a random doodle will be created.

This item is no longer available.

If you're curious about future print projects, please contact the author.