Executive Order 571.3 (Templar)

An addendum to Templar law that prohibits any Templar or Templar asset from setting foot on a vaguely described continent in a pocket universe of an undefined planet. Access without escort by either Michael West or the Frater Superior of the order is strictly prohibited, and carries severe penalties.

The vague text of the order (omitting region of space, system, planet, etceteras) is available to any Templar initiate. Templar of rank VII ° or higher are allowed access to a version of the document detailing the region of space, and Templar of VIII ° are issued the full text.

Any Templar cleared for access to GSV-368.3 immediately realizes that that the order explicitly forbids access to Australia.

The ‘Acceptable Behaviors’ section of the later Waking God Protocols document includes a paragraph that can be interpreted as viable “wiggle room” in the advent of extenuating circumstances:

Any Templar asset tasked with the containment and/or transfer of an entity emitting an HRV of adjusted-peak 4.18 or above shall be bound by no code, oath, law, nor any executive order until such time as their task is complete. Furthermore, no disciplinary action shall be taken against the initiate for any violations of local or templar law in the event that their task is completed.

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