If you remember this page from the first edition (in which it was signal -11-), you’ll notice right off the bat that the last two panels have been dropped and replaced with an exterior shot of the Sabrosa. There’s a damned good reason for that – the original panel three stinks to high heavens. When this scene was originally-originally created (oppose originally edited), the ship CG didn’t exist yet, so the idea of doing exterior shots wasn’t something that occurred to me on a regular basis. While the fit feels slightly clunky, the redone page is so much better than the original that I’m not going to get all hung up on it.

Mastering notes, 2016.12.06 – Minor dialogue adjustments.


  • Captain Soleina Andreissen

    While General Grij commands the Sabrosa‘s Addicaines, Captain Andreissen is in charge of the rest of the boat. Or rather, she was. She’s been in an exceptionally sour mood since Heirotus CEO Brandon James...

  • General Grij

    The ranking officer aboard HX-47 Sabrosa, Grij is the supervisor and final authority for all paramilitary field operations and training in which the vessel is assigned. The former Director of Applied Psionics Research for...

  • Major Wakeman

    Theo Wakeman transferred to Heirotus after an eighteen year stint as a drill instructor in Armed Services Division Three, ending his NCO career with a corporate cross-promotion. As XO of the Sabrosa Addicaine Group,...

Glossary Articles

  • GSV-368.3.1 (The Moon)

    Not listed on the “official” Templar charts acquired by Heirotus intelligence, the orbital plot of GSV-368.3.1 is known only to authorized Templar personnel. The charting omission is a deliberate defensive precaution – the idea...

  • Sabrosa

    Heirotus capital ship prototype 47 (HX-47) Sabrosa is the testbed for several technologies incorporated in the Type 47 class of Heirotus Colonial Authority warships, in mass production at the time of The Dualist. The...

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