In which Naomi reminds the reader that she has poor impulse control. Of course she’s going to take a pot shot at the Oberon. Anything else would be out of character.

It’s the final day of August, and this is the final page of the scene. Of course it’s a cliffhanger – this thread resolves in a future installment. That was a hazard I willingly accepted when I decided to cut an entire book out of the series – the net result is Transitional Voices gets a little more suspenseful, book four gets a little more complicated, what would have been book six disappears completely and things flow from five to the new six without coming back to Earth to pick up the Doom Cube. Heck yeah!

This scene is done. After quite a bit of effort the next scene has been completely rendered. It took a few continuity edits to get there – a re-rendering of the cargo bay, a full replacement and re-render of the Quantum Analogue Relay, and last but not least the replacement of Jason’s background in Fire -12- and Fire -13-. The old placeholder background has been replaced with the originally scripted backdrop, which became the final asset to be modeled for the book. You’ll see why that was necessary in a few pages. The important thing is this: effective this past Sunday rendering of Transitional Voices is a thing that is done. My neighborhood celebrated with a 13 hour power outage, and I celebrated by polishing the scene with a three panel reshoot early in the week, cutting the number of panels in the scene from 55 to 54. The scene has been polished, shots have stabilized, and it’s about time to start drawing again.

The final scene enters line art prep this week, and pencilling begins this weekend or early next week. My goal is to get all of the line art drawn, inked, cleaned up, flat colored and assembled in September, or at the very least no longer dependent on physical media. With September dedicated to line art production it’s looking like new pages will start showing up in October – maybe earlier if things go smoothly.

Things are going to be quiet here for awhile. New pages will appear on Patreon well before they appear here, so now is a great time to pledge if you haven’t already.

Transitional Voices is finally entering the home stretch!


  • A Heirotus defector and the only survivor of the Hemera, Greg lives in constant fear of being “recovered” by Heirotus. Having played a critical role in John West’s decision to leave the Templar, Greg...

  • A former Marines Corps Navigator, Naomi handles the Daedalus whenever West has other priorities. Hotheaded and irreverant, Naomi swears like a sailor and is known for making impulsive piloting decisions, with a marked tendency...

Glossary Articles

  • Airbase

    The Airbase, located deep in the Australian outback of Earth 2.0, is home to the crew of the Daedalus and the resting place of the Heirotus FTL test platform Epiphany. Defenses include automated turrets,...

  • Daedalus

    A Javelin class Am-capable high speed cargo transport, the Daedalus is the property of ex-Templar Captain John West. The workhorse of a shady courier service run out of the Australian outback in a nearby...