20090912 (22) – I thought this one was going to be a ginormous pain in the patootie to reformat, what with panels two through five and all, but you know what? It wasn’t. It was, in fact, pretty straight forward. Crop six and seven, scale three four five, and some minor adjustments to one and two to make everything fit.

This completes the base formatting for the chapter. Next up: fresh renders for 6.16 and 6.17, then a commission, then on to Chapter Seven.

20090908 (14) – Lettered.

Mastering notes, 2016.12.07 – Minor caption adjustments.


  • A traumatic Awakening in the summer of 1997 was just the beginning of Thad’s emotional problems. The disappearance of most of his Pittsburgh friends a few weeks later compounded his issues and, while he...

  • Ornix doesn’t let trivial things like ethics and morality get in the way of his loyalties or sense of reality. A longtime friend of Thad and a fellow “victim” of the Templar Waking God...

Glossary Articles

  • The Beefmobile

    Descended from detailed scans of an American sedan and custom built aboard Kolg Saerai Orbital, the Beefmobile has more in common with an MRAP than the stock police cruiser it’s camouflaged as. The beefmobile...

  • The Veil

    The Veil is the common term for the membrane between the Universe and pocket universes. The term is also applied to the space between successive pocket universes which, if they exist, are accessed linearly....

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