Untapped Potential

16:41 < ejp> YouTube: Xiki: Can your shell console do this?
16:41 < xeno> >_<
16:41 < ejp> I have no idea how I feel about this
16:42 < solios> oh my god that guy is loud as hell and has a voice that should not be doing audio work
16:43 < solios> (like 98% of videos)
16:43 < ejp> oh yeah, there’s that
16:43 < ejp> I didn’t notice the loud
16:43 < solios> seriously folks just give me a transcript and twenty bucks and I’ll make you a non-shitty audio track
16:43 < ejp> …
16:43 < ejp> have you looked into that?
16:43 < ejp> because seriously
16:43 < solios> it just occurred to me
16:43 < ejp> GO GO GO
16:44 < solios> hm!

Qualifications: A few months interning at a radio station in the late 90s and years and years of people telling me I have a radio voice. Which is a thing I do have. If you don’t then you can totally pay me to have one for you. Laconic AM radio late night Jazz DJ voice instead of the sneering veneer of sarcasm and/or superiority it seems like every software tutorial video has. Make your tutorial sound as good as you know it is. Only four easy payments of $19.95. Act now, supplies are limited!

Disclaimer: My home audio recording equipment is garbage.

Henry Darger

17:13 < mdxi> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Darger
17:20 < solios> dammit I’m missing Metal Church at the Rex
17:20 < solios> wait, I’m ALSO missing South Side on a Friday night.
17:20 < solios> :D!
17:21 < mdxi> ‘In 1968, Darger became interested in tracing some of his frustrations back to his childhood and began writing The History of My Life. Spanning eight volumes, the book only spends 206 pages detailing Darger’s early life before veering off into 4,672 pages of fiction about a huge twister called “Sweetie Pie”, probably based on memories of a tornado he had witnessed in 1908.’
17:21 < solios> O.o
17:22 < mdxi> this dude makes robert jordan and GRRM look like chumps
17:22 < mdxi> that’s his SHORTEST book
17:22 < solios> jebus
17:26 < xeno> That’s solios in 20 years 😛
17:27 * xeno has always thought ATC was solios’s Vivian Girls
17:27 < solios> ?
17:27 < xeno> (henry darger)++
17:27 < xeno> solios: you’re Henry Darger
17:27 < xeno> < solios> No YOU’RE henry darger AND SO’S YOUR MOM
17:28 < solios> heh
17:28 < solios> if anything ATC has a bit more in common with VALIS
17:28 < solios> though it’s taken so [expletive] long to get anywhere with it that most of the crazy has oozed out. Which is good for the plot but cuts down the page count considerably.
17:29 < ejp> when you’re arguing which flavor of obsessed crazy you have, it might be time to take a step back

Nomenclature You Manufacture!

09:06 < xeno> fagbot: zoroastrianism?
09:06 < fagbot> do i look like the Encyclo-fucking-paedia Britannica to you?, xeno
09:06 < xeno> fagbot: zoroastrianism is Zubler’s Original Religion of Alcohol Science, Teaching Reason In A Non-Irritating, Socratic Method.
09:06 < fagbot> OK, xeno.
09:08 < solios> !!
09:08 < solios> wow.
09:08 < solios> xeno++
09:13 < xeno> 😀
09:14 < xeno> hackronyms++
11:02 < xeno> fagbot: hackronym is Heuristically Assigned Cognates, Knowledgably Re-Organized: Nomenclature You Manufacture!
11:02 < fagbot> OK, xeno.
11:02 * xeno can’t stop the chunging
11:33 < xeno> Alien Menace Originating Near Galactic Terminus. Heirotus Engages, Causing Horrible Orbital Shipwrecks, Entrammeling Navigation.
11:33 < xeno> >_>
11:34 * solios dies
11:34 < ejp> hackronym AND haiku!
11:34 < ejp> (ish)
11:35 < solios> xeno: ah, but can you non-recursively acronym “acronym” ?
11:39 < xeno> Accidental Ciphers Rarely Occur Naturally, You Moron.
11:39 < solios> !!!

He’s really good at acronyms.

Marketing Strategy

19:44 < dusya> I am saying down the line
19:44 < dusya> Spread that shit like herpies.
19:44 < dusya> Herpes
19:44 < dusya> I combined herpes and harpies there.
19:44 < dusya> You are welcome.

Eight years on 2.

16:08 <xeno> Heinlein’s rules for getting published: 1. Write it. 2. Finish it. 3. Send it out. 4. Keep sending it out until someone sends you a check.
16:09 * xeno errors out on 2
16:09 <xeno> and most of the time, 1

Bedtime Stories

01:07 < dasunt> solios: Tell me a story where everything turns out right in the end.
01:07 < dasunt> And I’m happy.
01:07 < dasunt> And I don’t have to go to work in 5 hours.
01:08 < solios> dasunt: well…. 50,000 years ago, 7 entities destroyed the entire human race.
01:08 < solios> or rather, they tried to.
01:08 < solios> they missed.
01:08 < solios> then, plot happens!
01:08 < dasunt> Damnit!


11:17 <solios_> oy.
11:17 <xeno> awesome
11:17 <solios_> The Dualist and TV.
11:17 <xeno> you typed that right when i farted.
11:17 <solios_> typornograph plz.
11:18 <xeno> …
11:18 <solios_> we RULE.
11:18 <xeno> like, *now*?
11:18 <solios_> like, this week if possible.
11:18 <solios_> doesn’t have to be now-now.
11:18 <solios_> but the pages are as done as they’re going to be until, oh… you know. 😛
11:18 <xeno> has it occurred to you if you’d stop rerererererererererewriting the goddamned thing, i’d only have to typornograph *once*
11:18 <xeno> and i’d be long done already?
11:18 <xeno> 😛
11:18 <solios_> yes. 😐
11:19 <xeno> or if you knew how to goddamn spell.
11:19 <xeno> that’d help too 😛
11:19 <solios_> hey, I caught one you missed.
11:19 <solios_> so THERE.
11:19 <xeno> yeah, after a brazillion pages, my eyes tend to go numb 😛
11:19 <xeno> i typoed that as nump and should have left it XD
11:20 <solios_> nump++

Like bolted-on cantelopes.

16:27 < ejp> also, the way you draw boobs scares me.
16:27 * ejp hadn’t actually looked at TV yet
16:28 < solios> they’ll be more realistic in tv2
16:28 < solios> aping off the CG dummies caused a lot of problems in restrospect, with [boobs] and especially with arms.
16:29 * solios has already written the boobs off, though the arms still bug him.
20:47 * solios tries to remember the last time he drew a new ATC boob.
20:47 * solios comes up blank.*
20:47 < solios> ejp: they are fearsomely gravity defiant, aren’t they?
20:48 * solios totally wants to draw boobs as they go from 0.49 to freefall to 1.2 gravity
20:50 < ejp> solios: like bolted on cantelopes, yes
20:50 < ejp> it’s Not Normal
20:50 < solios> Trust me, I know.
20:50 < solios> you’ll note that happened when I started using dummies.
20:51 < solios> the proto-dummy for future production has boob-looking boobs in a variety of shapes and sizes. The old dummy used spheres.
20:52 < solios> which I used at the time because modeling anything else was beyond me.
20:52 < ejp> NURBS
20:52 < solios> 😀
20:52 < ejp> OM NOM NOM NO<
20:53 < solios> I’ve hit a point where so much of that material exists that it’s either own it or go red in the face “defending” it. There’s no defense. Well, one. Make new pages with better anatomy and hope to gid people read them.


Bing Stomps Google.


Not Shown : It took Dogpile to find the third page, though it remained clueless about the first two. Half a point to Yahoo.

Yeah, I could find all CMS entries made on the fourth of July without using an external search engine… but in a week I’ll need to do it in the new MT and the old. And until then, I’d get back everything posted in April of 2007. Google’s always had a pissy attitude towards ATC, and its decision a couple of months ago that “solios” is a plural of “solio” has added more keystrokes to all future non-Bing googlebating… and that’s hardly a step forward. Especially given that I have to throw in a -matrox and a -carbone and a -genga already. While that skeeved me, the Bing buzz made me curious… and lo and behold – Google gave me the finger and Bing gave me what I was looking for. Dogpile – through Yahoo – gave me one bit Bing didn’t pick up on, which is also a bit Google considers irrelevant. Neither Google nor Dogpile caught the bits that Bing caught.*

Try it yourself.

GMail kicks ass. While it’s not as ego-friendly as Webalizer, Google Analytics is a hell of a lot more featureful, and that’s handy. Search… well, Search isn’t anywhere near as omnipotent as the media would like us to believe. It just – by and large – sucks so much less than what has come before it.

Now there’s Bing, which – SO FAR – is vastly more “do what I mean” than Google Search has ever been.

Maybe one of these days one of these engines will hit a point where it’ll be able to tell me all about every single thing I’ve left on the internet. DWIM has one hell of a measurable impact on the user experience – I don’t care how much pride you take in your bad ass algorithms, your server farms, your IPO… if one search engine gives me What I Want more than another does, I’m not going to wallow in brand loyalty. It’s software. There’s no such thing as “good” software – only software that sucks less. The only reason to stick with software that sucks is file format (or file system) lock-in, which isn’t an issue when it comes to searching the intertub.

For at least one thing, Bing has pulverized Google.

Suck it, Stanford.

* This means that for serious rubbing-it-raw googlebating, you’re now using at least three different websites. Progress!

Casting (the most recent of many)

20:31 * solios watches something with Clive Owen.
20:31 <@solios> I’ve decided that Clive Owen will voice West.*
20:31 <@aestuo> Clive Owen++
20:31 <@solios> he’d be motherfucking awesome against Christopher Walken, voicing Greymalkin.
20:32 < xeno> Peter Fonda should totally be Grij.
20:32 <@solios> @_@
20:32 <@solios> I’ve always leaned more towards Gary Oldman for live action, Alan Rickman (sp?) for animated.
20:32 <@ejp> na, Grij is Hugo Weaving.
20:33 < xeno> oh yeah.
20:33 <@solios> fucking nobody to ever walk the face of the earth can voice contempt like Rickman.
20:33 <@ejp> point
20:33 < xeno> very.
20:33 <@solios> for live action it’s really a question of who looks good in horns.**
20:34 <@solios> because let’s face it – as awesome as Rickman is, he’s built like Polaski. Not Grij.
20:34 <@solios> Grij is built like Wil Wheaton.***

* It was previously decided that Clive Owen is Ornix.

** Which is a great argument for animated. Really.

*** Just sayin’. I wish I had that guy’s metabolism.