Vizcon, changelogs, and the continuity pass.

I’ve created changelogs for DCR, The Dualist, and Transitional Voices. Major edits will be reported on these pages, and I plan to feature the pages themselves more prominently in the next version of the website.

I don’t expect to find much to poke at when I do the continuity read-through. This thing has been through the wringer more times than The Star Wars and by now all of the major issues have been resolved. The only real teeth-grinder will be expanding the gutters and creating CMYK forks of the Dualist and TV.1 pages, and that’s not a web issue – that’s a print issue. That’s a good problem.

There are three phases planned for the continuity pass, as follows:

1. Visual continuity (and to a lesser extent, glaring page issues). I’ve already done a bit of work to address a couple of major vizcon issues. I hope this is the full list but I’m sure I’ll find something during the re-read:

DCR : No work as yet. She’s done, I’d like to bask in that fact for a day or two before I dive in on a re-read and art fixes. The art fix list should be short – off the top of my head I’m thinking hair on a couple of pages and one or two hairlines, all or almost all in the initial production block. Hopefully nothing beyond that.

The Dualist : control -1-, -2-, and -3- – Thad’s shirt is no longer a potential copyright issue, and I made a few visual tweaks to the third page. I also fixed an impressive visual continuity issue in suction -4- – the car door now matches the general layout of the Beefmobile and I threw in a few other fixes for good measure.

Transitional Voices : Gave Raven’s appearance in panel one of earth -19- some special attention, and fixed an absolutely massive visual continuity problem in earth -27-.

At this point I believe all copyright and visual continuity issues have been addressed in the color work. I hope I hope I hope.

2. The second is story continuity. I need to read through the whole thing, correct a couple of willfully persistent misspellings, make sure things like Heirotus and Holt-Rischmann are spelled consistently. Maybe trim a couple of plot threads, maybe rewrite a few lines here and there but not the whole thing. Fortunately the work done rewriting * in ’08-’10 has paid off – the last time I tried proof-reading the story I wound up reading-reading it instead. I’m pretty sure that’s a good thing.

3. The third is the logo for The Dualist. It’s technically functional but it doesn’t really work for me, not in the way the DCR and TV logos work for me. That’s a packaging edit as opposed to a story edit – it’s on the list because it’s an edit, and it’s on the list because I’ll need that graphic for the next version of the website.

This isn’t going to be a Second Edition slog. Unless anything major pops, the time-sucking edits are already in the bag – I just need to do some tidying up!