Website Version 14

The single page changelog started with website version 10 as a means of minimizing chatter about the website in the blog. If you’d like to read about the trials and tribulations of translating a decade of Movable Type data into a modern WordPress site, you can do so here.

Website Version 14.1

20170331, 15:53 – A major under-the-hood update that should improve search appearance or at least minimize some errors in Google Webmaster Tools. Changes include but are not limited to CSS tweaks, better (more accurate) support for Structured Data, better (more accurate) support for multi-page archive direction for crawlers, a fairly extensive bit of code cleanup, and the return of commenting capability. Comments now have reCAPTCHA v2 support, and the current comment code will remain active until further notice.

Worth noting here: when I added the site to Google Webmaster Tools I also installed a redirect plugin, and have made a substantial number of entries, including a few Regular Expressions. A number of broken links have been fixed, and will continue to be fixed as they pop up in logs. Links to the old Movable Type RSS feed are now directing to the WordPress RSS feed, and recent-ish changes in the comic URL structure should be more or less self-correcting.

Website Version 14

20170122, 20:44 – Fixed a minor spacing issue with the previous page link.

20170121, 14:56 – The comic container now has a min-height in viewports 1160px or wider.

20170120, 21:29 – The archive link in the header of comic pages now matches the archive links of chapter listings.

20170118, 19:59 – Fixed several validation errors.

20170113, 23:12 – Post-deployment cleanup. Replaced the ATC Regular web font and made some design changes to make things look better on Windows, filtered the comic switcher so that it only shows up on comic pages, dropped the background gradient in IE, swapped out the favicon, and revised the footer menu. I also edited the size of various ATC Regular glyphs and fixed a couple of minor responsive issues.

20170113 – An extensive overhaul, including but not limited to:

  • New design, evolved from the old design. The menu has been moved into the footer; hover events and drop-downs are no longer a thing.
  • The header title area has new functionality.
  • The ATC Regular web font has a couple of new glyphs. The classic “ate” logo has been added, as have the two states of the “switcher” icon.
  • Comic pages have been upgraded from 720 pixels wide to 780 pixels wide.
  • All edits performed in November and December of 2016 have been applied to the live site. See the Comic Changelog for details.
  • Comic relational tags have been fleshed out.
  • The website is now reasonably responsive – it’s not perfect, but fixed widths are on their way out. It’s legible and looks good down to 600 pixels wide, which is the original web resolution of comic pages.
  • CSS has been extensively overhauled.
  • Comments are no longer a thing.
  • Cast and Glossary entries with relational tags that match any comic page now feature a link to the First Appearance of that cast member or glossary topic.
  • There’s a bit of Javascript in the far left of the header and in the footer that will flip comic pages from their natural or responsively-scaled height to a “fit to viewport” height – this requires support for the CSS3 calc function. The intention is to reduce scrolling and increase readability. If comic pages already fit on your screen (4k displays, a 1920×1080 display in portrait mode), this feature may degrade image quality. The “switcher,” as I’ve been calling it, is only visible on comic pages, covers, and the front page.
  • Post format support has been enabled for the Glossary, allowing for conditionals to emphasize specific images and to enable gallery support.
  • Galleries use lightSlider, and it’s only loaded on the pages that use it.
  • Slick is no longer used for chapter thumbnails on comic pages. This has reduced the number of database queries on comic pages.
  • For the time being, Project Wonderful ad boxes have been removed.

Website Version 13.5

20160614, 13:46 – A tiny CSS edit, adding “Currently” in front of the page count of the current chapter. This appears in the comic index and the chapter archive.

20160513, 16:34 – Fixed a long-standing link title error in the glossary loop of single-comic.php.

20160506, around 13:30 – Added a link to the ATC Patreon page to footer.php.

20151104, 12:39 – Disabled the search filter in functions.php. It had excluded pages, which complicated a late-night round of URL editing. Also, trying something new with links – I got rid of the inline-block that was mucking up formatting and replaced the a:after offsite icon with a new color – internal links are orange, external links are currently dark orange. I tried orange with an underline first but didn’t care for it, then yellow, which I thought would fit but didn’t, a lot. Dark orange seems like it’s worth a trial run.

12:53 – It was a short trial. Mike Skalnik indicated that there’s no difference between dark orange and orange for certain forms of color blindness. I confirmed this by desaturating a screenshot and promptly reverted the edit.

20151103, 21:50 – Fixed the horizontal rule last week; lost the note of that fact in the migration and am re-mentioning it here. Last night while getting the site acclimated to a new host I re-enabled Jetpack stats. Jetpack Just Worked™, which I interpret as a good omen. Today I made a number of small theme changes to show the number of database queries and query time to logged in users. That should aid in future theme development.

20150609, 17:01 – Fixed a number of small CSS issues.

20150429, 21:47 – Did a batch find/replace on the entire theme to fix a long-standing issue. The short of it is that page title now displays in the Chrome tooltip when hovering over a comic page thumbnail. Like it should.

20150427, 02:07 – Went a bit OCD and spent an hour or two tweaking CSS. A bunch of minor edits – mostly to search formatting, header margins, entry-content image padding, and the cast and glossary lists on comic pages.

20150425, 18:19 – A small victory: mail has been configured! The email address in the footer works again. Thanks to Eric and Nomikos for sending test email! 🙂

20150425, 14:22 – Last night I discovered that the tweaked blog menu fell off of my laptop screen, so this afternoon I tweaked the blog drop-down menu to display in two columns, not unlike the cast drop-down for Templar and Heirotus characters.

20150424, 22:56 – Disabled Jetpack, which cut page load time for logged-in persons such as myself from 1.7 minutes down to only slightly more than the time for logged-out persons – approximately 4.2 seconds on this connection and hardware. That crazy load time was due to Chrome and IE 11 waiting (seemingly indefinitely) for the WordPress stats image to load – it wasn’t, and hasn’t since Wednesday, and as of this afternoon I don’t care if it ever does again. I consider it a browser issue (struggling to render a thing that isn’t there) not necessarily a WordPress issue (the thing not being there in the first place), and one that required drastic action – the site was completely useless while logged in for two days straight and that kind of problem has to be eliminated, not worked around. I can get the information that I got through WordPress stats from Project Wonderful and Google Analytics – it’s not as pretty or as reassuringly formatted but Project Wonderful ads fail cleanly and I’ve never had significant loading issues with Google Analytics.

On a happier note I pulled out the blog Categories widget and replaced it with a new loop that tucks the category count into the link where it belongs. I’ve also edited widget CSS so the blog drop-down handles just like the other menus.

20150413, 00:43 – Corrected the responsive CSS for the current state of the front page, fixed a couple of mistakes in the comic archive and adjusted the comic_cover post type template.

20150412, 21:30 – Fixed an error in the front page templates that wasn’t visible until a new cover was posted. Integrated the new chapter cover into the site.

20150412, 13:45 – Moved the comic page cast and glossary sidebar under the metadata and added post excerpts to the entries. This cleans up some formatting issues and makes things a bit prettier.

20150225, 12:39 – A couple of polishing edits; added border-top to more links and View All Appearances.

20150223, 11:45 – Went to bed feeling terrible about the website, slept badly and woke up feeling terrible about the website. Tucked comments back behind the fortnight check, which effectively turns them off everywhere for the time being. The styling work remains in place and commenting will Just Work on new pages whenever they arrive.

20150222, 23:50 – An extensive CSS overhaul with the goal of reducing eye strain, or possibly inducing a different kind of eye strain. The overall look and feel is a mix of the v13 layout and the v12 color palette, and looks good to me – at least for now. I mocked up the new look in the Chrome devtools last night and in the process of applying it this work cycle I wound up straightening out a number of formatting issues.

  • Comments have been re-enabled. WP Spam Fighter is the new first-string spam preventative; ReCaptcha will follow shortly. WP Spam Fighter has built-in support for it, so I may find out how it works in short order.
  • Commenting is currently enabled for all comic pages, in that the loop that had previously dropped the form if a post was more than two weeks old has been retired. I’ll need to manually turn comments back on for a bunch of comic pages and blog posts; trying to do this via a batch edit caused php-fpm to throw up. Four websites were down for a couple of minutes – oops!
  • The layout of the stats page has been updated to reflect the return of comment capability.
  • If comments turn out to be a jerk I’ll re-enable the fortnight loop; if they persist I’ll take stronger measures and if the flood can’t be stopped I’ll retire them again. Spiky Mike suggested I look into Disqus or Livefyre; while I’d certainly consider a commenting service for a new project, I consider the existing comments to be just as much a part of the record as post metadata and I’m not down with the idea of comic and blog comments existing in an external database. VERY OLDSCHOOL OF ME I KNOW.
  • The default Open Graph image has been updated. This will be obvious the next time RSS Graffiti grabs a blog post for the ATC Facebook page.
  • A couple of minor template errors have been fixed, including a missing span tag on the front page.
  • Theme upload and activation was followed by a couple of hours of checks and tweaks.