The Colonial Authority Corporate Interests And Espionage Act

A block of corporate-backed legislation that can, under certain specific conditions, extend “enemy of the state” status to persons deemed detrimental to the interests or security of corporations granted Colonial Authority status. The legislation effectively enables Federal peacekeeping forces to arrest, detain or execute any person who commits a crime in Colonial Authority space or against Colonial Authority assets operating outside of Colonial Authority space.

Invoked by General Grij in The Dualist, the act gives Federal entities the authority to detain and search the Daedalus, and as worded, hold any cyborg on board until a Heirotus representative can be reached to approve the detainee’s release or transfer.

Legally, this is possible due to Greg Auriga’s status as Heirotus property* and his “suspected”** involvement in an attack on Heirotus assets.

* Heirotus owns a partial genetic copyright and holds documentation that defines the “fair use” of his cybernetic components.

** Evidence obtained through the Callback Array and through Grij’s psionic contact with Greg have been left out of the transmitted report. The CA is a Trade Secret and the CACIAEA is one of many blocks of Colonial Authority legislation for which psionically obtained evidence is either inadmissible or deeply mired in additional paperwork.

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