20100120 (3) – Unfortunately, it turns out that this page and whitehouse -1- are the only pages without dialogue. Everything else is going to need some kind of processing – and given DCR’s dialogue density…. whoo. I averaged eight pages a day when re-lettering TD2E. DCR is something like two to four times the information density. And it has the same problem TD1E had – a whole bunch of pages without anti-aliased word balloons.

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Also, scorn.


2008.04.19 : Lots of panel tweaking going on here – fortunately, it all works out nicely, and makes for an excitingly boring end to to this round of cleanup.

Now all I need to do is fork the story into a “pg-13” language-safe edition so I can get it printed without having to worry about someone getting hung up on words.

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Strip 119, 20070919 :

Couch tossing : A fine college tradition. Flaming couch tossing? Some kind of “extreme” sport, perhaps.

Events leading up to this will be detailed by Whitehouse at the beginning of chapter two. In reality (read: urban legend), it was (allegedly) a vending machine that was hucked at some point in ’95 or ’96.

Strip 120, 20070920 :

Drawing burning things is hard.

Strip 121, 20070921 :

One of the rare strips that would look a lot better in color. It would look a lot like this, actually.

06:38 <@john> you know
06:38 <@john> I liked it when DCR made sense
07:07 < mdxi> it’s still making sense to me
07:08 < mdxi> but perhaps because (what i know of) ATC now makes sense to me
07:08 < mdxi> at least, i THINK it does
07:08 < mdxi> no, it definitely makes sense to me. but possibly not the same sense it makes to dan.
07:08 <@ejp> haha
07:09 < mdxi> like a comics-based rorsasch test. with guns and boobs.
07:09 <@ejp> yes
07:10 < Slip> sounds like a big win to me.

Strip 122, 20070924 :

A deliberate choice of distorted Downtown night photography – nothing else I’ve shot comes anywhere near the flavor required for a chapter fade-out. Complement to the first strip.

This is the end of DCR.1 [Dead City Radio chapter one : Whitehouse; ATC book one or three]. I’ll spend the next few weeks editing 26.5 pages of strips into 28 pages of comic, which will then be uploaded and integrated into the ATC site. After that, pre-production modeling for DCR.2 and ATC 3.1 begins.


  • Ryan is Punk Steve‘s roommate. Handy with a blowtorch, he enjoys setting things on fire and playing fighting games with Jason and Steve.

  • Punk Steve is an art student and a friend of Jason Whitehouse. Hobbies include video games and general mischief-making with Jason and his roommate Ryan. Punk Steve enjoys punk music.

  • The king of social engineering, the crown prince of noise, and a self-described “Post-American Electro-Snob.” Jason has a deep interest in industrial, electronic, ambient, metal and gothic music, and a well-researched interest in radio...

  • An Army special forces verteran, Yang served as the Chief of Heirotus Corporate Security from shortly before the time of the first MBO-1 Encounter until his near-death in January, 1968. Some time after that...

Glossary Articles

  • Pittsburgh

    Most of Dead City Radio takes place in and around Pittsburgh, the so-called “Paris of Appalachia.” Thad is still living there at the beginning of The Dualist, though most of his friends from art...