Continuing the long tradition of posting a comic page on holidays, huzzah. Went to a party thing on Friday, spent yesterday recovering. Today I’m about back to form but still a bit decimated – fortunately renders were done and line work is minimal. The buffer is toast, in part due to the next four pages being extraordinarily heavy on the photoshop end of things. The station bit is done and I have two months to finish four pages and still come in ahead of schedule – I figure November ought to do it!

Strip 215 – Gotta love them spectral EMP thingies. Hell on the mains, they are.

Strip 216 – Herein lies the lesson – if you’re going to do who-knows-what to unknown whatchamacallits, it’s probably a good idea to do it planet-side. Or at least in a location with hardened communications equipment.

Strip 217 – Aaaaand we’re back to 608. Bit long for a flashback, wasn’t it? More than a blink or a glimpse, for once. Holy crap! They’re getting longer!

Turns out Yang’s comments on the medical plan were a bit of a Chekhov’s Gun. WHO WOULD HAVE KNOWN! WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED!

Happy halloween, etc.


  • Brandon James founded Heirotus in order to put his doctorate-equivalents in Xenoarcheology and Anthropology to use without academic interference. After a crucial (and highly classified) discovery by Heirotus contractor Judas Lang, James branched the...

  • A renowned psychometrist with years of experience working for the court system, Judas Lang was been contracted by Heirotus founder Brandon James to perform a “read” of the stellar artifact known as MBO-2. Some...

  • The king of social engineering, the crown prince of noise, and a self-described “Post-American Electro-Snob.” Jason has a deep interest in industrial, electronic, ambient, metal and gothic music, and a well-researched interest in radio...

  • An Army special forces verteran, Yang served as the Chief of Heirotus Corporate Security from shortly before the time of the first MBO-1 Encounter until his near-death in January, 1968. Some time after that...

Glossary Articles

  • MBO-2

    An object removed from MBO-1 by Aleph Stevens in the early 1960s, MBO-2 is initially assumed to be some sort of flight data recorder. According to Brandon James the enclosure is opaque to conventional...

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