20100120 (3) – Initial assembly from strips 129 – 132.

20100126 (3) – Re-lettered with minor dialogue tweaks, now specifically referencing events of the previous chapter.

A simpler time – when the bridge on sixth street was still known as the Sixth Street Bridge.

20101225 – Original strip metadata:

Strip 129, 20080508

End of pre-canned launch run. Every strip posted between here and the pending stall point will have been produced while chapter two is “live.”

While Love And Hate In Dub is far from my favorite Godflesh album (it ain’t bad, but there’s better), it’s the only one with a June 1997 release date, which means that for Whitehouse, it still has that lovely new car smell.

Oh, and TWEWY? Awesome. Possibly even Super Awesome.

Strip 130, 20080509

…and that’s the end of Sean’s appearance for this chapter. He’ll probably show up again in three at least, and maybe four as well.

The Iron Man movie? Best Marvel movie yet. Possibly the best comic book movie yet, though I’d have to think on it a bit (and see a few more) before passing final judgement. Pretty sure Daredevil isn’t on the list for consideration.

Strip 131, 20080512

There was a bus in the bottom corner of panel one. See the bus?


The day I did the shoot for this scene there was a line of them all along Penn avenue – starting inappropriately enough at sixth street and doing a bang-up job of blocking every single vantage point I’d mentally staked out. So I worked around them as best I could – in the case of the past couple of strips that meant a dumpster and some serious blurring. In this case it meant dropping a bus out by building a window over it and then tactically positioning Whitehouse to cover up the unconvincing reflection.

I’m fast running out of cached strips, so I dunno if there’ll be anything later this week or not – it depends entirely on my workload early in the week…. and I have NO idea what that’s going to be like yet.

Strip 132, 20080513

I do these strips not because they are easy. I do them because they are hard.

Mastering notes, 2016.12.05 – De-emphasized “plastic” in panel one.

2016.12.31 – Setting post date to the metadata date of the last strip of the page, 2008.05.13.


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