dcr5_script_page_14Giant wall of backstory is giant. Brace for it, there’s a hell of a lot more where this came from.

The next page will hit the line art pipeline when I have time for it – could be in a couple days, could be longer. After a work drought that wasn’t actually a drought (plenty of work, horizon foggy) my phone has been exploding since Friday afternoon. Well, exploding for me. Over the past week I’ve gone from two wind-downs to two further-extendeds, a fresh one on deck, two or three maybes and another probably-good-for-the-portfolio thing for a friend.

If I miss my personal deadline for DCR due to sloth or screwing up on my part, I’ll be pissed. If I have to push things back a bit on account of making money, well.. I’m fine with that. A lot can happen in a month, and my chief concerns for August honestly have little to do with DCR – my concerns are getting into August and earning enough to get out of August and into September. Once that’s taken care of I’ll see how things look and take it from there.

2012 07 16, 05:13 – Revised dialogue, cut the original panel two, shifted the original panels three and four to two and three. The changes work if I reverse the planned angle for the last panel. The cutting and editing on this page and the previous one was inspired by two factors – the first is the aforementioned disgust with how slowly the rendering process is going. The second is the fact that the initial layout pass was a bit… ill-considered in the dialogue department. The changes are a one-two punch of improvements – readability is readabilitier, and the workload is slightly reduced. Huzzah.

2012 07 16, 22:34 – Rendering finished this afternoon. About to start work on 5.15. Pondering taking renders through 5.17 before returning to line art. I’m ready to roll on 5.11 – 5.13 at this point, but I’m presently in a better position to grind out renders than I am to draw the comic.

2012 07 18, 06:13 – Prepped for line art a little bit ago.

2012 07 25, 15:27 – Pencilled in parallel with 5.13, will be inked in parallel as well. Probably cleaned up at the same time, too!

2012 07 27, 02:08 – Initial assembly completed a few minutes ago.

2012 07 27, 14:00 – Added tails to the GIANT WALL OF TEXT. Page is ready for shading.

2012 7 28, 12:54 – Shading is GO!. Just finished the first panel.

15:22 – Primary shading complete. One of the few times I’ve really enjoyed working on this scene – woke up with a page ready to shade, shaded it, and now it’s gonna sit here for a bit while I pre-flight 5.13. I’m feeling fairly confident about the production schedule at the moment – the next month is going to be harrowing any way I cut it, but there’s three days left of August and I’ve just finished page five for the month – despite July being yet another Crazy Month Is Crazy.

15:49 – Last-minute tune-up – Beef was between Greg and his dialogue. Not anymore!


  • A Heirotus defector and the only survivor of the Hemera, Greg lives in constant fear of being “recovered” by Heirotus. Having played a critical role in John West’s decision to leave the Templar, Greg...

  • Senior NCO of the Hemera Addicaine Group. While Greg Auriga is senior Heirotus employee and technically in charge of all Heirotus personnel aboard ship, chain of command puts all Addicaines except Greg and Jo...

  • A black ops field agent who – for reasons unknown – masquerades as a deputy from the fictional Antrim Police Department. Beef is slightly death-prone, and has been killed by Greg and Ornix. Beef...

  • The first extraterrestrial human to be born on Terra. Home-schooled by Templar, he left the organization in 1997 citing management issues and took the Daedalus with him. John is an incredibly talented Navigator, having...

  • The king of social engineering, the crown prince of noise, and a self-described “Post-American Electro-Snob.” Jason has a deep interest in industrial, electronic, ambient, metal and gothic music, and a well-researched interest in radio...

Glossary Articles

  • The Beefmobile

    Descended from detailed scans of an American sedan and custom built aboard Kolg Saerai Orbital, the Beefmobile has more in common with an MRAP than the stock police cruiser it’s camouflaged as. The beefmobile...

  • MCAR-78 “Thumper”

    Called the “Thumper” due to the sound of the airburst rounds and its frequent use as a bludgeon by downed pilots, the Barghosa Multi-function Compact Assault Rifle model 78 is a rugged Bullpup styled...

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