Replacement and rework – the top shot has swapped out vehicles. If I’d either hung onto or felt like finding out if I’d hung onto the original shot I could have probably swapped maps and rerendered… instead, I redid it from scratch. No net gain, either way – though I DID spend less time rooting around in the ATC directory tree, so I suppose that’s a win.

The last panel is basically a new version of the original… which itself was a massive upgrade of The Worst Page Of All Time (see below). I’m actually writing the blurb before I do the CG work for that shot – it’s ready for setup, but I figured I’d flesh out the entries for the last couple of pages I’ve upgraded before digging further into this one, as it involves getting the earth properly set and lit – a position it’s going to stay in for the remainder of the scene. Better to get it right the first time and roll with it, than to bang it out now and realize it needs to be redone later.

Mastering notes, 2016.12.06 – Fixed a typo.


  • Greg Auriga

    A Heirotus defector and the only survivor of the Hemera, Greg lives in constant fear of being “recovered” by Heirotus. Having played a critical role in John West’s decision to leave the Templar, Greg...

  • Naomi Houston

    A former Marines Corps Navigator, Naomi handles the Daedalus whenever West has other priorities. Hotheaded and irreverant, Naomi swears like a sailor and is known for making impulsive piloting decisions, with a marked tendency...

  • Shannon Israel

    The Daedalus communications officer, Shannon picks up languages the way most people pick up song lyrics. A native of the Terran-adjacent pocket universe of Alleste (4.0), Shannon works with West as a means of...

Glossary Articles

  • Am

    Am is the colloquial (and technically incorrect) term for a “condensed” quad-axial space, accessible by certain life forms and organic technologies. Am is a form of “hyperspace,” in which travel and communication circumvent general...

  • Daedalus

    A Javelin class Am-capable high speed cargo transport, the Daedalus is the property of ex-Templar Captain John West. The workhorse of a shady courier service run out of the Australian outback in a nearby...

  • GSV-368.3 (Earth)

    Not listed in the official ICG star charts, GSV-368.3 appears only in highly classified Templar navigational databases. GSV-368.3 is the only human-rated planet in the GSV-GSW 0.15 AEI “sinkhole.” The local Templar garrison refers...

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