Three… two… one… DROP!

Oh wait no that’s coming up. This is the drop out of hyperspace not the drop-off.

Not much to say here – it’s pretty much Earth -26- in reverse, only exiting into a polar slingshot around Hrazny mrDat.

Under different circumstances I’d probably be waxing verbose but not today – not with this writeup, and maybe not with the next couple, either. As I write this I’m mostly packed for a move that will be under way a week after this page is scheduled to be posted. I’m also drying off after a very half-assed attempt at a shower, as the switcher thinger that routes the water from the spigot to the showerhead picked today (Sunday, the 16th) to fail. The plumbing, like just about everything else, has always been iffy in this place – I suppose the fact that it picked today to go sideways is entirely appropriate. The landlord says he’ll try to send a guy tomorrow – Monday, the day this page will be posted. Hopefully he does, as I rather enjoy showering.

Move prep has been going fairly smoothly otherwise. I’ve disposed of hundreds of pounds of electronics, I’ve paid to have CRTs recycled, I’ve sent stuff home, I’ve shredded a decade or so of non-relevant paperwork, I’ve thrown out all kinds of crap. I’ve packed and re-packed the stuff that isn’t in regular use to the point where I will definitely be using less of the U-Pack than I’ve booked. The fact that there’s no point in packaging the rest of my gear until the weekend of the 23rd means I’ll probably be spending a good chunk of the coming week with DXHR and Shadow Warrior 2.

This particular page is one of the reasons I decided to post the final scene of the chapter the way I have instead of a page a week from mid-October through the end of the year. The drop from hyperspace lines up with the “home stretch” of move prep, a bit of life imitating art.

Wednesday – The first half of the final two-page spread!


  • A South Jersey punk with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a Templar-forged Master’s degree for field work, Raven posed as a high school guidance councillor during the early stages of the Waking God...

  • The first extraterrestrial human to be born on Terra. Home-schooled by Templar, he left the organization in 1997 citing management issues and took the Daedalus with him. John is an incredibly talented Navigator, having...

Glossary Articles

  • Am

    Am is the colloquial (and technically incorrect) term for a “condensed” quad-axial space, accessible by certain life forms and organic technologies. Am is a form of “hyperspace,” in which travel and communication circumvent general...

  • Hrazny mrDat

    According to Raven Lockheart, Hrazny mrDat is “an utterly unremarkable industrial planet,” with a peak population of 1.2 billion. In her words, “the only thing this place really has going for it is [Templar...

  • A jumpnet is an alloy mesh that surrounds a spacecraft like a Faraday cage. A Navigator in physical or very close proximity to a jumpnet can transition a spacecraft into or out of Am....

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