20091116 – Assembly on this stalled last week, and it just kind of… sat there for awhile, mocking me. That weekend was toast, last week was CRAZY!, and long story short, I haven’t had the time – or the ability – to focus on ATC until tonight. Dummies for 2-6 have been printed off. The scene is more or less ready for line art, though I figure I’ll finish the digital end first. Aesthetically, this one didn’t come together until I added some purple and threw the three panels – assembled separately – into the page file. I’m still a bit itchy about it and it’s still subject to revision, but for the time being I think it works. It depends on how the next page turns out.

20091117 (2) – No changes since yesterday. Prepping for web. If no changes are needed, that’s another page done!

Glossary Articles

  • The Goldfish Nebula

    AKA the KLH Stellar Nursery. Noteworthy from the vantage point of KLH-149723, as the vast majority of known Human-occupied space is behind it.

  • GSV-368.3 (Earth)

    Not listed in the official ICG star charts, GSV-368.3 appears only in highly classified Templar navigational databases. GSV-368.3 is the only human-rated planet in the GSV-GSW 0.15 AEI “sinkhole.” The local Templar garrison refers...