Aspect ratio of 2-5 have been preserved, 1 has been inserted at its full original size, and 6 and 7 have been cropped a bit. Cleanup focus has been on the usual nits, as well as evening out Thad’s glasses in panel two – probably the one thing that’s the most obvious at webscale.

Mastering notes, 2016.12.06 – Minor caption adjustments.


  • Dyluck

    A being with a talent for astral projection, possessing some form of teleportation ability. Dyluck incarnated as Thaddeus Gallahad and remained in a dormant state until Awoken in 1997. Thad’s cognitive dissonance forced her...

  • Thaddeus Gallahad

    A traumatic Awakening in the summer of 1997 was just the beginning of Thad’s emotional problems. The disappearance of most of his Pittsburgh friends a few weeks later compounded his issues and, while he...