20140302, 14:16 – This is totally what Greg was talking about in details -16-. Nine years ago. Also some details of the CUNNING PLOT MECHANICS that keep the crew on the Daedalus and allow for the re-use of existing sets in the back half of the chapter.

Pell probably could let the Daedalus dock and let the crew come aboard but that’s not the kind of thing you do without leaving some kind of record or trace and one of the things that keeps the Colonial Authority system working is adherence to things like the TCACIAEA, which effectively takes the secrecy out of what would otherwise be collusion between cartels.

I suppose a local equivalent could be the MPAA finding the employment of “private security” an economically viable alternative to demanding that governments do the enforcement for them. The reality here is a bit more insidious – the state, tasked with the responsibility of governing in spaaaace, has found it more efficient to outsource many functions of the government to private industry. To prevent flagrant abuse of the system, Colonial Authorities are administratively separate from their parent companies, at least on paper.

Next week: Tune in for MORE PLOT WORDS!

Mastering notes, 2016.12.07 – Rewrote West’s line in panel three.


  • A South Jersey punk with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a Templar-forged Master’s degree for field work, Raven posed as a high school guidance councillor during the early stages of the Waking God...

  • Lieutenant Kendra Pell is a member of Kolg Saerai Lodge assigned to the Templar Space Mobility Command. SMC is equivalent to the USN Military Sealift Command or the USAF Air Mobility Command, making Kendra...

  • The first extraterrestrial human to be born on Terra. Home-schooled by Templar, he left the organization in 1997 citing management issues and took the Daedalus with him. John is an incredibly talented Navigator, having...

Glossary Articles

  • Daedalus

    A Javelin class Am-capable high speed cargo transport, the Daedalus is the property of ex-Templar Captain John West. The workhorse of a shady courier service run out of the Australian outback in a nearby...

  • ELG-2623.4

    A moderately well-endowed gas giant with a reasonable number of moons, one or more of which may be worth colonizing.

  • ELG-2623.4.21

    A small mars-like moon that’s managed to hang on to an atmosphere, clouds, and polar ice. Any one of these items would have merited a note in the logs but indications of all three...

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