Tender ships and umlauts.

09:44 < solios> I need to write the Sabrosa meal trays into the story at some point
09:44 < solios> they degrade to jet/RCS fuel
09:45 < solios> “green” == using every part of the “animal”
09:46 < mdxi> that’s some impressively thorough worldbuilding. i approve.
09:46 < mdxi> solios++
09:46 < solios> mdxi: simply put there can be no waste on a spaceship
09:47 < solios> I’d love to do more with it, story-wise
09:48 < solios> packed so full of supplies on the trip out that there’s palettes of food on the bridge and all the causeways are single file; on the way back so cavernously empty that they’re consolidating billets and powering down non-critical areas of the ship to save on life support and power.
09:49 < solios> I got it in my head that they can’t launch the entire air wing until after the halfway point of the cruise due to how densely everything’s packed.
09:51 < solios> while likely impractical as a comic I still want to do either my-take-on-trek or some Ridiculously Hard Scifi
09:52 < solios> (ATC’s been streamlined to Space Opera)
09:53 < solios> (well, it’s still complex, but tech is backseat)
09:56 < mdxi> you can do that as a short-form followup (or series of them)
09:56 < mdxi> seems pretty natural as a follow-on. provides a different take on the established universe.
09:57 < solios> yeah
09:57 < solios> fast forward to THE FUTURE!
09:57 < xeno> barge.
09:57 < mdxi> and since you’re going hard militaristic scifi, you’d basically be doing a procedural drama, which has got to be easier to write 🙂
09:57 < solios> (it’s April of 2002, after all)
09:57 < solios> bahahahahaah
09:57 < xeno> I would have a Barge o’ Food towed along behind, that I could dump in emergencies and pick back up when i’m done
09:57 < solios> xeno: real capital ships have support vessels
09:57 < xeno> see?
09:57 < fagbot> yes.
09:57 < solios> they had fuel ships until they went nuclear
09:58 < mdxi> Füd class tender ships

09:58 < xeno> ^
09:58 < solios> they still have food and parts and jet fuel delivered on a VERY regular basis
09:58 < xeno> On board there would be enough emergency rations for 5-10 days
09:58 < solios> however the Sabrosa is designed for long endurance solo operations
09:58 < solios> so when it leaves for six months it has to take Everything
09:59 < solios> which for a Nimitz would basically mean the flight deck covered 12-deep with cargo pods
09:59 < xeno> And name all the Füd class vessels things like Bonanza and Ponderosa and Hoss
09:59 < solios> hah
09:59 < mdxi> so it’s basically a space submarine. i mean it’s not a submarine, it’s a LRPS, but in terms of milieu.
09:59 < solios> there might be some of that in ATC 4-6
10:00 < solios> mdxi: a boomer that’s twice the size of the nimitz, basically
10:00 < mdxi> The lead ships of the Füd class, the Bonanza, Ponderosa, Sizzler, Golden Corral, Longhorn, and Outback, were constructed in….
10:01 < solios> SIZZ-LORR
10:01 < xeno> XD
10:01 < xeno> mdxi++
10:02 < xeno> mdxi: you actually pointed out something ATC really needs.
10:02 < xeno> It is suffering from a lack of umlauts.
10:02 < solios> I’m envisioning them as something along the lines of the Valley Forge
10:02 < solios> only more Anal Beads less Silent Running
10:02 < xeno> (silent running)++
10:02 < xeno> (bruce dern)++
10:02 < solios> umlauts++