30 Days of Nights

I just finished primary assembly of pages 5.15 and 5.16. I penciled and inked them Sunday, cleaned the line art up yesterday, and spent a chunk of the afternoon on flat colors, assembly, and effects. I will be spending the rest of the day on non-comic stuff, and most of the rest of the week as well.

With the stated deadline of August 31 looming,* as of this writing six pages remain. Of these, two are ready for shading – so that’ll be four pages remaining by the end of this coming weekend. One of the four has been rendered and is ready for line art. Of the remaining three one has all necessary 3d assets and the other two require some modeling work to get into production.

In short, things are thing. While the situation is looking positive it’s far too early to declare victory – never underestimate the ability of a Democrat to lose an election, and never underestimate the ability of a deadline to slip into oblivion!

So. At least two pages this week or weekend. I hope. Then 5.17 ASAP, then the rest as time allows.

All told.

Postscript : The post title is a play on the franchise. It also indicates the time period in which work will likely take place, and how much time I have between now and the deadline – technically thirty-one days. Of nights. If I’m going to get this thing done I’m going to have to give up my wind-down period (roughly 3-5 am) to do it.

* A month is a good-sized chunk of time until you hit your late 20s. Get into your 30s and a month contains roughly the same amount of perceived time as a week of high school.