My love is stronger than most explosions.

16:48 < xeno> <- Wagner : Die Valkure
16:49 < xeno> solios: you need to learn flash animation and do a short of wangfish launching like rockets synched to ride of the valkyries.
16:49 < xeno> it would rule.
16:49 < solios> hah.
16:50 < xeno> with a silhouetted Val conducting
16:50 < xeno> a la fantasia
16:50 < solios> hah.
16:50 < xeno> or mst3k
16:50 < xeno> fagbot: doot my brainmeats.
16:50 < fagbot> 2.25 and a handjob
16:51 < xeno> pretty much
16:51 < xeno> except it’s more like .45
16:51 < xeno> solios: it would only need to be about 2.5m, because at that point Sven would be chasing her around with a straitjacket

I do need to learn some Flash, but not for that reason. And I *do* have an ATC video thing in the Serious Consideration pipeline. Bits of storyboards, some editing and CG ideas, but no time to work on it at the present.

If I can get my clone out of storage – or pull off some other form of time management miracle – then maybe I’ll be able to do something about that little project this month.

Further bulletins etc etc.