Distortion uploaded

TD2E Chapter one scene two has been uploaded. It starts here and runs for nine pages.

Re-production wise, the chapter is over the hump – signal seems to have required the majority of the cleanup work so far. Distortion got its fair share of reformatting, and some cleanup ranging from continuity and emprettyment to some more serious heavy lifting, but overall the changes are more to the dialogue than anything else.

22 of 42 pages reprocessed – 20 left, and only six of those have any meaningful dialogue. Not only that, most of the “quality control” issues I had (a la Dead City Radio) were already fixed during the First Edition hardcopy assembly. In plain english : Signal should be re-completed this month. On schedule!

With the next scene I’ll finally – finally! – be working on “normal” pages: the kind of composition that makes up the bulk of the second half of the story – the kind of stuff I “cleverly” worked my ass off to avoid until I got 3d backgrounds rolling.

So… this week looks to be Reaction, and possibly Control as well.